Uhuru backs SRC new salary structure, says days of ‘peculiar payments’ are over

July 11, 2017
“I call upon Kenyans to support the work of the Salaries and Remuneration Commission and to abide by its guidelines. All of us in the public service must remember that this is a calling, it is servanthood, not a business.”

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 11 – President Uhuru Kenyatta has thrown his weight behind the recommendations of the Salaries and Remuneration Commission that will see the reduction of salaries for State Officers.

The President has said the resulting savings of up to Sh8.8 billion annually will allow the Government to spend more on social economic programs like education and roads.

“I am pleased that the Commission has now made its recommendations and I am today announcing my unequivocal support for those broad and far-reaching recommendations,” said the President at State House, Tuesday morning.

Some of the recommendations that the Sarah Serem led commission announced on Monday include cutting salaries for state officers – from the President who will now earn Sh1,444,750 from Sh1,650,000 to Members of the County Assembly who will earn Sh144,375 from Sh165,000.

Other government officials also included in the new pay structure include the Principal Secretaries, leader of majority and minority, Governors and County Executives.

“I call upon every Kenyan to support the Commission’s recommendations, and JubileeAdministration’s quest to keep the wage bill at sustainable levels. The days of wasteful allowances and peculiar but inexplicable payments are behind us. Better and more prosperous days lie ahead,” the President says.

Kenyatta has also commended the commission for its approach in handling the high wage bill which he says is critical for government’s planning.

While releasing the revised wage structure, the commission has also outlined the details of compensation that public servants can expect going forwards.

“A comparison of different wages of public servants to ensure fairness and that one group is not paid significantly more than others doing similar work,” the President notes, while lauding the guidelines for testing whether public pay is fair.

For too long, Kenyans had grown frustrated with the lack of a transparent framework for the payment of public servants. Labour disputes had proliferated and the wage bill had grown to an unacceptable level. Some queried the rationale for the pay structure for some public servants, which appeared distorted and not in sync with the economy,” said Kenyatta.

Kenyatta has asked state officials and the public to support the commission’s recommendations that also include the scrapping of sitting allowance and mileage claims for MPs.

The commission’s new salary structure is expected to bring down the wage bill from 52 percent of Gross Domestic Product to 35 percent of GDP.

New Salary Structure for State Officers:

Kshs. 1,443,750/- down from 1,650,000/-

Deputy President
Kshs. 1,227,188 down from 1,402,500

CS, AG, Chief of Defence and all those of the same band
Kshs. 924,000 from Kshs. 1,056,000

Principal Secretaries and all those of the same band
Kshs. 765,188 from Kshs. 874,500

Commanders of Various Forces – KDF
Kshs. 746,461 down from 854,241

Speakers of both Houses of Parliament
Kshs. 1,155,000 down from 1,320,000

Deputy Speakers
Kshs. 924,000 down from 1,056,000

Leader of Majority and Minority
Kshs. 765,188 down from 1,020,000

Members of Senate and Members of National Assembly (Parliament)
Kshs. 621,250 down from Kshs. 710,000

New Salary:
Kshs. 924,000 down from 1,056,000

Deputy Governor:
New Salary:
Kshs. 621,250 down from Kshs. 701,441

County Executives
New Salary:
Kshs. 259,875 down from Kshs. 350,000

New Salary:
Kshs. 144,375 down from Kshs. 165,000

1. All Governors allowances.

2. All Deputy Governors allowances.

3. Reimbursable Mileage allowance/s

4. Special Responsibility Allowances

5. Sitting allowances for attendances by Members for Senate and National Assembly

1. These salaries have been gazetted and are now law.

2. The Salaries are gross salaries subject to statutory deductions.

3. The Salaries will be fixed for the term of Office including for all successors to the Office.

4. From the above there will be a saving to the Country of Kshs. 8,853,204,952/- (8.8billion) per annum on the various items of categories saved above.

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