Private sector report gives Government thumbs up

June 5, 2017
KEPSA has said the Government has achieved all the goals that were set out in the National Business Agenda 2, which was adopted in the beginning of 2014./FILE

, NAIROBI, 5 JUNE 2017, (PSCU) – The private sector today presented a report card that gave a thumbs-up to the Jubilee Government’s performance in creating the right environment for business.

The Government also received a buy-in from the private sector in plans to create more jobs, internships and low cost housing.

In its report presented at the 7th Presidential Roundtable Meeting, the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA), praised the Jubilee Administration for creating a better environment for business and for making Kenya a preferred destination for investors.

This happened as the Government and the private sector agreed to focus on how to create more jobs, create more openings for internships and build low cost housing for the urban poor.

“We want to partner with you to create more jobs and internships through programmes where the Government gives you incentives,” said President Kenyatta when he opened the meeting.

On his part, Deputy President William Ruto invited the private sector to give its input to help the Jubilee Government implement its plan to come up with affordable housing for the urban poor.

“We need your input in our plan to come up with affordable housing and houses of that can be bought on mortgage by people on lower salaries,” said the DP.

In its report, KEPSA said President Kenyatta’s Administration has achieved all the goals that were set out in the National Business Agenda 2, which was adopted in the beginning of 2014.

The achievements by the government were classed into thematic areas which included improving governance and business regulatory environment; upgrading security; infrastructure development; enhancing trade and investment; and promoting human capital and entrepreneurship development.

The business organisations said the Jubilee Administration has scored high in the objective to reduce business and property registration and licensing costs.

The government was also praised for reducing the cost of enforcing contracts and speeding up dispute settlements.

It was also praised for strengthening the rule of law and promoting anti-corruption measures.

KEPSA congratulated the Government for “enacting the Bribery Act and other measures and the Suppliers and the Business Code of Ethics that have had a positive impact in reducing corruption within and between both private and public sectors operations”.

On the 45 Huduma Centres opened in 41 Counties, the report said they are offering “over 66 government services under one roof. Time saved and reduction in procedures all reflect cost reductions for businesses,” said the report.

On energy, the Government was praised for ensuring clean, affordable and reliable power through geothermal power generation.

Geothermal installed capacity has increased from 241.8 MW to 652 MW in 2016.

“With reduced power outages and increased connectivity, this has saved business the extra cost especially of manufacturers on expensive diesel generators, thus increasing competitiveness, allowing them to keep more of their revenue, produce more and create more jobs,” said the report.

Business owners led by the new Chairman of KEPSA, Mr Nicholas Nesbitt, also gave a thumbs-up to the Government for making Kenya the second most preferred destination for direct foreign investments.

Mr. Nesbitt, however, called on the Government to encourage more local direct investment even as it keeps up the efforts to attract more FDI.

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