We have no intention of banning mitumba trade, CS Mohamed reassures

May 15, 2017


The Government has recently pushed the ‘Buy Kenya, Build Kenya’ policy that encourages uptake of locally produced garments through the EPZ’s /File

BEIJING, China, May 15 – Industry, Trade and Cooperatives Cabinet Secretary Adan Mohamed has clarified that it is not the government’s intention to ban second hand clothes.

Speaking on the sidelines of the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in China, Mohamed said the government was simply working to revive and make competitive, Kenya’s textile industry.

And if the mitumba trade falls casualty to the market forces, Mohamed said, then so be it.

“Our desire is to develop and promote our textile industry to create more jobs for people in the country and through the transition of market forces, we would like mitumbas to compete with new clothes produced within East Africa, within Kenya and if those products are much more competitive and much more consumer friendly, of course you will see a reduction in the mitumba business in the country.”

He therefore described as unfounded, a petition to a US group that deals in mitumba, to the US trade representative.

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