Kenyan entrepreneurs glean from German efficiency

May 5, 2017
Kenyan entrepreneurs got a rare of the Liebherr concrete mixer plant, 175 kilometres South of Munich.

, MUNICH, Germany, May 5 – A group of Kenyan entrepreneurs is visiting building and construction companies in Germany to get insights on how the country has kept its edge as a leading industrial powerhouse.

The twelve-day trip, which will also take the entrepreneurs to France and Dubai, is part of Kenya Commercial Bank’s Biashara Club business exposure trips organized by the bank for their SME clients.

The Kenyan business men and women visited the Liebherr concrete mixer plant and Liebherr crane manufacturing company in Ehingen. The two companies are part of the 130 sister companies that make up the Liebherr Group.

The management of the two plants gave a rare guided tour of the factories where Kenyan entrepreneurs had an opportunity to see the end to end assembly of the construction equipment.

“Exposure to international standards and technology in more developed markets helps our customers borrow best practice processes to help grow their business back at home,” says Naomi Ndele, Head of SME at KCB Bank.

A number of the Biashara Club members have been part of the several trips the Club has organized including visits to Turkey, China, South Africa, USA, Malaysia among other countries in the region like Rwanda.

As a result of these trips, some entrepreneurs have bought equipment for their factories which has helped improve production.

The group also visited the Fensterie Building Company in Tuningen, Germany to learn about pre-fabrication techniques for housing and the use of Liapor building materials which significantly cuts the cost and time of construction significantly.

Jeremiah Matoke, a businessman in the real estate sector, says the visit to the plants in Germany was an eye opener.

“One of the things I have learned in Germany is that they are very good with their processes. They have automated their industries which ensure they get the most out of their resources,” said Matoke.

As the trip moves to France and Dubai, the entrepreneurs are eager to fuse the best of the two European neighbors.

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