Slow down in foreign exchange confines Shilling to 103.10 against 103.30 to the dollar

March 21, 2017


Mar 21 – In today’s trading session, the shilling is currently trading at 103.10 against 103.30 shillings to the dollar.

CBA’s Treasury Department says the shilling continues to trade within the confined ranges against the dollar on the back of a slowdown in foreign exchange activity as major market players have been mainly quiet.

Expectations are for the shilling to trade within fine ranges for the remainder of the day.

The Pound Sterling is in the meantime, trading at 127.97 shillings buying and 128.22 shillings selling while the Euro is dealing at 111.29 buying, against 111.53 shillings selling.

100 Japanese Yen are trading at 91.47 and selling at 91.67 shillings, while the South African Rand is now at 8.16 buying and 8.19 selling.

Regionally, the Uganda Shilling is buying at 34.80 and selling at 35.00 while to the Tanzania currency; the Kenya shilling is dealing at 21.56 shillings against 21.70 shillings.

At the stock market Express Kenya, Eveready East Africa and National Bank are some of the gainers at this hour while  Olympia Capital, Uchumi Supermarket and Kenya Airways have lost ground.

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