Property Insights: Pest Control Around the House

March 16, 2017

, Your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make in your life, be sure you take care of it all you can. If necessary get assistance from professionals to help you make the most of your investment and ensure it is exactly what you dreamed it would be for you and your family. It requires discipline and aptitude to repair and maintain a home in good condition, but it is a satisfying experience to perform even seemingly minor repairs. It can be an expensive process for a home owner but one that is worth it.

Repair is one of the most inevitable tasks a home owner has to face, not only from repairing the little things such as cracked windows but to urgent ones like broken pipes that may leak water and cause damage to the house including forming water stains on the wall and rotting wood. One common emergency problem experienced by many is over flowing toilets. It is repaired by either removing a clog or repairing a broken mechanism.

Some problems may seem petty at the beginning but may end up costing you so much more if not taken care of earlier. One should ensure they repair all broken electrical switches or outlets before they are electrocuted, patch all holes before they become a home to “unwanted guests” (pests), repair all broken door/ window latches as this may be used as an easy access to the house by thieves and also take care of leaky roofs and water tanks to avoid living in a flooded house.

Pest infection can also be more than a nuisance therefore, it is important to ensure that your house is not infested with these little annoying creatures as they may cause allergens, foundation damage or even diseases due to food contamination.

Ways of getting rid of them include;
Starving them out by keeping a tight lid on your trash can and emptying it often, cleaning up spills and storing food in air tight containers.

Some pests such as cockroaches can survive long without food but depend on water therefore, ensure that you dry them out by shutting off their supply by fixing leaky faucets, radiators, dishwashers, washing machines and empty flowerpots and plant stands of excess water.

Keep them out by sealing cracks and openings along baseboards, behind sinks and around pipes and windows. Repair holes in doors and windows.

It is also important to trim and get rid of hanging branches on your tree since inclement weather can cause weak trees branches to break and damage your home, car, utility lines or worse cause death by falling on a person. Keep an eye out for dead branches, cavity or rotten wood along the trunks or branches.

These simple steps will save you so much time and money and will help you keep your home in tip-top shape.

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