Samsung to showcase new technologies for Africa market during Cape Town forum

February 21, 2017
Samsung will be showcasing brand new products with the latest technology specifically designed for the African market during the annual forum in Cape Town/CFM NEWS

, JOHANNESBURG, South Africa Feb 21 – Samsung is set to showcase its commitment to the continent by introducing its latest range of products at the 8th Annual Samsung Africa Forum to be held from Thursday.

This event which will end on Saturday will take place at the International Conference Centre in Cape Town, South Africa.

“Samsung’s goal is to inspire the world and create the future with innovative technology and creativity, thanks to a deep understanding of what people really need and want,” says Sthe Shabangu, Lead Public Relations, Public Affairs and Corporate Citizenship at Regional Headquarters.

“The Forum will help us to achieve our goal of enriching our customer’s lives, while contributing to socio-economic prosperity across Africa and supporting a sustainable environment for us all.”

A statement from the regional headquarters said Samsung will showcase its innovative product range and highlight the company’s commitment and unifying vision to its African customers, partners and media.

The statement said Samsung vales the region as a vital part of its global business and will utilise the event to showcase products selected specifically for the unique needs of African customers.

“The Lion is known as the ‘king of the jungle’ in Africa and its family, or pride, works as a unit for the betterment of all its members. In much the same way, the theme for this year’s event is ‘One Pride’ and represents how Samsung and its partner network continue to work together to be the leaders in the region’s consumer electronics market. The theme is also symbolic of the genuine pride the company takes in its world-class devices and appliances,” the statement states in part.

” Samsung is passionate about a shared vision to improve the lives of African customers and eager to drive positive growth for its partners across the continent,” it added.

With the expected continuous growth of this market in 2017, the statement said, Samsung Electronics aims to lead the continent’s development in the consumer electronics space. The Samsung Africa Forum 2017 is the ideal platform to demonstrate Samsung’s smart technology products and innovative designs for the year ahead.

“Samsung Electronics values building strong relationships with our customers, partners and stakeholders, in order to further grow the brand in this unique and exciting consumer landscape. The 8th annual Samsung Africa Forum affords us the opportunity to share our vision, commitment and world-class innovations in technology and design with our partners across the region. More crucially, it allows us to demonstrate that together, we can move forward with pride, passion and profitability,” concludes Shabangu.


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