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Tips to keep a Clean Germ-Free Home
Tips to keep a Clean Germ-Free Home
Tips to keep a Clean Germ-Free Home

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Property Insights: Tips to keep a Clean Germ-Free Home

While we all want to live in a clean home and work hard to keep it that way, even some of the cleanest homes are susceptible to bacteria and unwelcome germs. Keep reading for some tips to keep your house spotless.

Tips to keep a Clean Germ-Free Home

Tips to keep a Clean Germ-Free Home

Keep the kitchen clean
Most of the germs in your household are found and thrive in your kitchen. Whether on the sink, or on the counter tops, on the cutting boards or hiding in sponges, kitchens harbor thousands of harmful bacteria. After cooking, make sure you wipe down the tables with a sponge and warm water.

Do wet laundry immediately

Wet laundry is a breeding spot for germs as they thrive in moisture and dampness and the longer your laundry sits there, the more infected it becomes. Wash your wet laundry as soon as possible.

Mind your toothbrush
When you brush your teeth, particles of food and bacteria stick to your teeth and if not kept in the right conditions the brush could end up fostering more germs. When done brushing, leave it standing in a cup to air and dry.

Your bathroom should be a clean haven
This is your place of hygiene, so it should be clean as well. Every time you take a shower and cleanse yourself from bacteria, they unfortunately linger in the bathtub / shower. Once a week, clean your bathroom with some disinfectant. Also, close the lid of the toilet before your flush.

And finally…Leave your shoes by the door.
Consider leaving your shies by the door as you have stepped on all manner of things during the day. Your shoes will track in everything from your day and thus spread bacteria and germs all over.

These are simple everyday things that you can do to keep your home germ free and your loved ones healthy.

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