Property Insights: Items in Your House that Should be Cleaned More Often

February 23, 2017

, Scrubbing your house top to bottom is sometimes not enough. There are always some hard to reach spots or items that it will never occur to you to clean as often as you should. Here is a list of things that are not getting cleaned as regularly as they should ,that you give some extra attention when you spring clean next.

Items in Your House that Should be Cleaned More Often
Items in Your House that Should be Cleaned More Often

Remote Controls
It is said the remote controls are the dirtiest things in a hotel room and the same applies for the ones in our homes. Clean these and game controllers at least once a month with some cotton balls and rubbing alcohol.

Cooker Knobs
These can be a pain to clean but they are an important part of keeping your kitchen germ free. Try to clean these after every cooking session to avoid buildup of dirt and germs.

Light switches
‘If your hands touch it, it needs to be cleaned’. Clean your switches at least weekly and make sure the switch is off before you clean to avoid accidents.

Door Knobs
This is perhaps the most touched surface in the entire house. Use cleaning fluid or disinfecting wipes at least once a week to wipe down the surface.

Pillows and comforter
So you change your sheets every week or every other week but when is the last time you cleaned your comforter? It is recommended to clean it out at least once every three months. Your pillows and pillow cases as they harbor a lot of germs and dirt from dead skin to dust mites all in the place you lay your head. Make it a habit to change out your pillow cases every week.

The saying goes that a little goes a long way, and cleaning these ‘little items’ every so often will go a long way to keeping your home clean and germ free.


Pam Golding

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