Property Insights: Got an attic? Ideas to utilize attic space

February 16, 2017

, Finding additional space for a home office or den can be a tricky task for any homeowner. If your home has an attic, you could have the perfect space to do with as you please. Have a look at some of these ideas to transform your attic.

Home Office
Your attic is an ideal space for a home office. You can make it as fancy as you want complete with a sofa, shelf and a sitting area. Or you could go the simple route and have a single working area. Your ability to tailor the space depends on your needs.

A man cave
The attic is the perfect place to entertain friends as you all catch up and watch the big game. While a man cave is typically underground, having it in the loft may not be the worst idea, and it breaks the norm.

A family room
You can create the perfect space for your family to hang out and watch movies on a night in. You may need to stock up on cushions and blankets to make the place nice and cozy. If you really want to go all out, you can get in surround sound and really liven things up.

A teenager’s bedroom
Your teen will definitely enjoy the privacy and you will get an extra bedroom to turn into an office or home gym. Just make sure the walls are thick enough should they decide to play really loud music.

Children’s playroom
Having kids around means that all manner of toys clutter up the living area. This could be a good way to reclaim your house and the kids will enjoy the extra room to play and thrive.

An attic need not be used for storage alone, your home and family could benefit from the additional space.

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