Taxify cuts ride prices in Nairobi by 15pc

January 6, 2017
TAXIFY is currently operating in 18 countries and 20 cites with presence in seven African cities

, NAIROBI, Jan 6 – Kenya’s ride sharing sector is set for increased competition as cab app Taxify has announced a 15 percent reduction for riders in Nairobi.

The taxi app, which has a presence in 7 countries in Africa, has also increased its driver’s share by 15 percent to match the reduction in the cost of the rides.

Taxify says it is committed to the Kenyan market, and will continue investing in the transport sector as it continues to consolidate its monthly growth estimated at up to 30 percent.

“Our focus is to provide drivers with better revenue per ride and keeping them happy with earnings and support we provide, which leads to ultimately better service for clients. We are open for both private and taxi drivers to join our network of over 1,000,000 riders and drivers,” said Taxify in a statement.

The nascent ride-sharing sector in Kenya has experienced price wars with leading cab app Uber slashing its prices twice in the last year mainly as a result of competition from apps like Little and Taxify.

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