Property Insights: Ways to Connect The Kitchen to Living Room

January 17, 2017

, If you are a fan of open plan layouts, and have decided to open up your kitchen to your living room because it is time for a change, there are plenty of ways to go about it. Read on for a list of options on how to go about this.

Ways to Connect The Kitchen to Living Room
Ways to Connect The Kitchen to Living Room

Play on materials and colors
Having the same floor cover in different rooms creates a sense of continuity and gives the rooms a seamless flow. You can also play with the color patterns of the rooms and make them similar so that the transition between one room to the other is not broken.

Have a central Island
Having an island smack in the middle of both rooms is a strong feature to have because it delimits while opening up the volume. It is also possible to integrate shelves or high chairs and storage space.

Play on levels
Creating levels opens up space and creates an illusion of levels. Stairs give the feeling of access somewhere, the different levels allows for different views if the house while allowing for enjoyment.

Low walls

Completely doing away with the walls can really open up the space between the two rooms.

There are many things you can do to liven and freshen the look of your house. Creating a seamless transition between two rooms could be exactly what you need.

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