Property Insights: Key Decorating Tips To Improve the Look of a Room

January 19, 2017

, Designers may not have a secret rule book, most of them are creative types who dream, create and play around with different colors and themes to see what works and what doesn’t, these are tried and tested methods that work. You can also follow these simple rules and create your new look home in no time at all.

Pick the paint color last
While everybody would like to move into a new home with a fresh coat of paint, there could be another way to look at this. Once you have fitted in your furniture and put everything in place, this will help to put things into perspective. Notice how the light falls on different spots and try to visualize how what would go where. Pick a color that complements every element in your house.

Give your furniture a break
It is not necessary to overcrowd a room with too many things. Less is more, open up the room. Spend more on quality staple pieces other than going crazy buying out the entire furniture shop.

Create a focal point in the room

Having one focal point in the room really anchors the room and ties the whole room together. It could be the fireplace, our a nice photo wall display or something dramatic in the room.

Add layers of lighting

This is an amazing way to really bring ambiance and feel to a room. You could have smaller lampshades, then smaller lights on the wall then the main lighting at the center of the room. Layers of lighting pique interest and add variety to a room.

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