Geoffrey Kung’u wins Sh100mn in LOTTO New Year Super Jackpot

January 1, 2017
With the 100 Million now pocketed by Peter, Lotto has completed a payout of Sh125 Million to its players in the last 60 days/FILE

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 1 – Geoffrey Kung’u from Nyandarua County has won Sh100 million in the LOTTO New Year Super Jackpot, biggest win in East and Central Africa.

The tip of Lotto’s Christmas season winners Jackpots started 60 days ago when the gaming company celebrated its one year anniversary and treated players to the DaboDabo Birthday bonanza which saw Jackpot winners take home and extra Sh1 million.

Daily draw jackpot winners also got to double their winnings during the birthday month of November.

Just two weeks ago, in one of its now famed seasonal Powerdraws, 30 year old Humphrey Mutugi, was the lucky winner of Sh10 Million in the Christmas Powerdraw.

With the 100 Million now pocketed by Peter, Lotto has completed a payout of Sh125 Million to its players in the last 60 days.

“I was in the farm during the day and at the back of my mindI could not stop thinking of the 100M draw. I have played before and only won on two occasions a total of Sh450, So at 5.26pm on December 31 , 2016 I played again. I was really anxious and all I could think of was the draw that night,” Kung’u said after the win.

Kung’u’s home was abuzz with activities on Sunday morning as the community celebrated its new millionaire.

“When I received a knock at the door from the Lotto team, and the people started gathering in my homestead is when it began looking like it was real.” “Let me confess, I have not slept I could not stop thinking about when Lotto called me and when I could hear myself on TV. Even as we speak, I am still trying to understand it all,” he added.

Lotto through its Foundation has raised over Shs 180 million for good causes in all counties in Kenya.

It is through the players of Lotto that Kenya’s Olympic team received support to the Rio Games where they recorded the best performance in Kenya’s illustrious Olympic career.

“When we made the announcement in early December to give away Sh100 million to our deserving players, it seemed to most that we were perhaps still recovering from our anniversary festivities and many did not believe it at the time. Now, we have delivered on our promise and as market leaders in gaming we can again promise our customers that we will continue to innovate our offering(s) to ensure every experience is a rewarding one.” said Lotto’s Chief Executive Officer Brian Waluchio.

“As for the winner we are celebrating today, we are now going to take him under our wing seconding financial advisors and counselors to work with him over a period of time to ensure a smooth transition and a sustainable lifestyle going forward. Part of changing lives for us is ensuring the process is not a fastidious one for our winners and that is why under our program for large jackpot winners includes this guidance.”

The Foundation has also supported health programs through its provision of the Ambulance Mashinani to every county and access to education programs.

“Lotto intends to continue creating winners and supporting communities because we believe that when you win, Kenya wins. And for us we do this through helping our customers play responsibly at all times.” said Lotto Communication Director Dennis Muigai.


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