State Department for Public Works awards tenders to 15 firms

December 24, 2016


NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 24 – Over 15 companies have been issued with letters of offer paving the way for them to do business with the government for a period of two years.

According to the Public Works Department, the companies bids were thoroughly scrutinized and only those that met the criteria were successful.

While presenting the letters to the companies representatives, Principal Secretary Paul Maringa asked them to ensure “they only supplied on time high quality products if and when they win tenders.”

“They will be able to tender for common user items including motor vehicles as well as fuels and lubricants,” he said.

The PS further said that the tendering process was carried out in an open and transparent manner.

“The department would continuously monitor goods supplied to various government ministries for purposes of ensuring standards and specifications are met,” he stated.

The representatives expressed their delight and satisfaction with the tendering process, lauding the PS for ensuring it was conducted in a transparent manner.

They were happy too that the exercise was consultative and open unlike in the past where it was shrouded in secrecy and known for canvassing and lobbying which in most cases led to locking out of some qualified bidders unfairly.

They welcomed what they called the ‘dawn of a new era’ in the tendering process which Maringa is spearheading.

Maringa said the process would not be a one-off noting that transparency is now the hallmark of service delivery at the State Department.

The criteria used among others required the bidders to be registered with the Registrar of companies, be tax compliant as well be compliant with technical specifications and discount rates offered.

A total of 1,793 bids were received.

The State Department for Public Works manages the supplies branch as one of its functions and it is responsible for coordination of procurement of common user items for all government ministries and departments as well as agencies.

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