Ask Kirubi: Lead by example

December 9, 2016

, 14

Most of us don’t realize that those around us constantly observe our behaviour and actions. The adage that says, birds of the same feather flock together is very true. Our habits rub off on each other and you must be careful that those younger than you or your Juniors at the workplace don’t learn and copy your worst traits. Like it or not, you are your biggest influence to your employees, siblings, friends and team.

Those around you learn the best and worst traits from you and like it or not those younger than you will mirror actions. We must always be careful about what we showcase. As a leader, you must always take responsibility for your actions. Your attitude will tell it all and be sure, your employees or juniors are always watching. Remember, once you set the rules, you must follow them. Don’t expect those below you to act any different from you. Be ready to lead and lead by example.

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