Kenyan App aims to link people to volunteer causes

Children attending the Launch of Itika - A Giving Platform_ at Songa Mbela na Masomo Children Centre

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 9 – A new platform that aims to connect people to social causes has been launched., created by Think Out, will leverage on online and digital media platforms to list and market causes across the country.

Itika was launched at Songa Mbele na Masomo Children’s Centre, a centre located in Mukuru Slums, at a volunteerism event organised by Thinkout, I Can Movement (a Nairobi based youth movement) among other partners. During the visit, young people took part in a volunteerism exercise at the centre.

“Itika will inspire people to discover, drive and support causes. We have launched this platform on International Volunteer Day to inspire so that we make it easier for Kenyans to support causes that are dear to them,” said Simon Wachira, Thinkout’s CEO.

The causes, according to Itika, can rally people to respond to garbage in the neighbourhood, needy kids, youth mentorship, among other causes.

According to Benson Kiragu, the Programmes Manager of Songa Mbele Children’s Centre, Itika is a great platform for mobilising Kenyans to give and support causes. “Today, this centre has benefited from this initiative,” he said.

Early this year, the Kenyan government approved the Kenya National Volunteerism Policy.

The policy streamlines the volunteerism sector in the country. Through the International Volunteer Day, people and corporate organisations spare resources, time and skills to give back.