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Property Insights

Property Insights: Make the Most of Small Living Spaces

While not all of us are accorded the luxury of space, there is no reason why you should not feel like a king in your own home. No matter where you live, you will almost never have enough space. If you think there is no more room in your house, think again. Read on, and find some tips that will help you make the most out of a small living space without sacrificing design.


Mirror mirror on the wall.
Making a small space seem grand all depends on maximizing the light. You can do that by tucking mirrors into corners or hanging pieces of art in glass frames. The refection will serve to make the room look bigger and by bouncing light off the room makes it seem airier.

Chose shelves instead of a cabinet.
Cabinets and side boards are lovely, but they are bulky and end up taking too much room. These both serve the purpose of storage but a shelf occupies less room and can fit in a much smaller space.

Dual purpose furniture.
If you have to sacrifice your dining room for a work space, then chose a pretty desk that will serve both functions. And when you have company over, you can clear off the desk and use that as a buffet table.

Hang anything on the wall.
Within reason of course. You might want to call in a professional for this, as long as you do not pile everything together to create a messy room.

Get creative.
An old dish rack can hold your mail, folders, newspapers or any other pieces of paper. Invest in baskets, they are a great way to store away your things. Forget the couches, invest in those big floor pillows that will not only save space, but add character to your space.

Living in a small space can make you creative in a hurry, as you find new ways to make maximum use of your living space.

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