I am no Donald Trump, no interest in politics – Kirubi

November 11, 2016


NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 11 — Business Mogul Chris Kirubi now says he is not interested in politics in response to queries by the public.

The queries follow the Donald Trumps win of the United States Presidential Election who is also a renowned businessman.

Speaking during the Oracle Digital Day, Kirubi said his expertise is in business and he will not be following in Trumps footsteps.

Reacting to the Trump win he said politics is a calling while business is a skill and everyone should occupy their space.

He says no one can be an expert both in business and politics. “We can only wait and see what he (Trump) does, but if he runs the country how he runs his companies avoiding taxes so society can benefit then it will be difficult. Politics is a calling while business is a skill we need committed leaders but everyone should occupy their space,” He explained.

“You can’t be an expert both in business and in politics; Trump is a good example of that I haven’t seen him do one single political thing,” he added.

Donald Trump’s extraordinary US election victory sent shockwaves across the world on Wednesday, as opponents braced for a “dangerous” leader in the White House while fellow populists hailed a ballot-box revolution by ordinary people.

America’s allies put a diplomatically brave face on the outcome of the deeply divisive Presidential race, which has implications for everything from trade to human rights, climate change to global conflicts.

A “Trump slump” hit some markets, with Asian stocks nose-diving on concerns over the untested polices of the billionaire tycoon, although European shares clawed back some of their initial losses and Wall Street was mixed.

Mexicans were thunderstruck at the victory of a man who has called migrants rapists and drug dealers, and vowed to force their country to pay billions to build a border wall.

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