Kenya Airways cancels flights, others delayed after crew go slow

October 16, 2016
Kenya pushes for Africa maritime security and safety/FILE
Kenya pushes for Africa maritime security and safety/FILE

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 16- Kenya Airways has cancelled some of its flights to various destinations and others delayed following shortage of staff.

The shortage, the airline says, is due to go slow of the outsourced crew who did not report to work since Friday.
“Kenya Airways wishes to announce that some flights have been cancelled or delayed this morning due to a shortage of crew. Several outsourced crew have not reported to work as per schedule,” the airlines said on Sunday morning.

The labour problems shot up on Friday after its 700 outsourced cabin crew and customer service staff absconded their duties to express their grievances to the management.

The workers lament that they had been kept under annual contracts for at least six years which they say is against both local and international labour laws.

The workers who have been outsourced from a human resource consulting firm Career Directions Limited (CDL) have vowed not to return to work until their grievances have been heard and addressed.

They also want their remuneration between them and staff directly employed by KQ equalized.

“Some of our outsourced staff including cabin crew have stayed away from work from Friday and we are working with their employer to resolve any issues they may have. As per the safety regulations that the airline abides to, minimum number of cabin staff per aircraft type is required and on some of our flights we are unable reach these levels,” Kenya Airways said.

Some of the cancelled flights include KQ 600 to Mombasa, KQ 432 to Kilimajaro, KQ 350 to Juba, KQ 706 to Lusaka/Harare and KQ 740 to Maputo.

Delayed flights include KQ 782 to Livingston/Capetown.

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