8 Finnish tech firms target deals with local telecos

Dr. Bitange Ndemo (left) discusses a point with Rinne Christina, program manager, Connectivity from Finland and Tomas Jakobsson, commercial counsellor at Finpro in Nairobi at the briefing of the Finpro October 2016 trade mission to Kenya/COURTESY

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 6 – Eight Finnish technology companies are in Nairobi for a new trade mission, with the aim of generating value for Kenyan telecom operators.

The trade mission is a part of Finnish Export and Investment Promotion Agency (Finpro’s) Connectivity from Finland Growth Program that aims to find new business opportunities for Finnish companies specializing in communications technologies.

The mission which is taking place between October 3rd and 7th will pick up from where Finpro’s previous trade mission into Kenya left off in May 2016.

“In May, our goal was to open and establish connections into the Kenyan telecom market. The response back then was very positive, and we are now committed to actively pursue continuous long-term cooperation opportunities,” says Kimmo Aura, Finpro’s Connectivity from Finland Program Director.

Finpro is bringing the eight Finnish technology companies to Nairobi, as part of a new trade mission that aims to assist Kenyan telecom operators in improving their operational efficiency, enabling new business models and developing increasingly sophisticated value-added services for their customers.

The participating companies bring to the table a broad spectrum of specialized expertise that can help create value for the mobile operator business in multiple ways.

As one of the most populous nations in Africa, Kenya is being seen as fertile ground for experts in mobile communications technology.

“The Kenyan telecom market has plenty of potential for future expansion as mobile Internet access becomes more and more commonplace. Reliable data access is crucial for this use case, and operators are very interested in finding new ways to make the most of the existing network infrastructure in order to support the future growth of data traffic,” Aura says.

The eight companies participating in the trade mission are specialized in core network technology, value adding services as well as solutions for business optimization.

“Finland is one of the world’s leading countries in terms of communications technology development. The companies we are bringing along are strong experts in their field, and they have plenty to offer for promising markets like Kenya,” Aura adds.

MARGARET WAHITO :Margaret has been a business reporter for the past four years. She holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Communications and Public Relations from Moi University. She also holds a diploma in Film and Video production from the Kenya institute of Mass Communications. Apart from journalism, she has interest in community work, especially helping the disadvantaged.