‘Sleep’ for a moment #AskKirubi

September 8, 2016


Sometimes you need to down your tools and re-focus. I find myself doing that many times and let me tell you, the results are rewarding. Most of us take time off to relax and go on holidays, but I appreciate those who take time out to evaluate themselves, their careers and jobs.

Learn to do ‘nothing’ for some time and accomplish a lot in the end. What do I mean?


Life needs us to keep reinventing ourselves and acclimatize to the changing trends. You need to be able to pause and take time out when you feel you are going off course. Don’t take this as a point of failure but as a stepping stone to align your goals, vision and to tie those loose ends.

Many of us are in the ‘wrong’ jobs or business but what’s keeping us going is the money we acquire. Money is a good motivator but it cannot be the prime motivator. Your well-being, life purpose and satisfaction should be a priority. Slow down my friend, it’s time to refocus.

What’s your life purpose? Is your professional and personal life contributing positively to it?

Everything you do may feed you physically and psychologically but we forget that it must feed your soul for you to stay motivated and have the drive to succeed.

While I appreciate that some companies (mainly International Organizations and Multinationals) may give you a few days off, paid or unpaid, to re-strategize and rejuvenate yourself, I’m aware that most may not. You need to be able to take break when your body, mind and soul nudge you to.

Don’t mistake self-reflection for weakness. It may just lead you to your new job or a business venture that you were probably afraid to move into. If you don’t self-reflect and make a few changes, how else will you create room for growth?

Take time off and reassess yourself. Don’t be apologetic about it even if you take a break for a period of one year without working. It’s a risk but you must have planned for this risk knowing how you and those who depend on you will continue to survive during your period of self-reflection.

Additionally, when you go for an interview and your CV has a few months or one year gap where took a break, the interviewer will understand that what matters most is personal growth and development. As long as you are able to explain how taking time out has increased your focus, drive and overall, led you to become a better person then you are right on track.

Make sure you enjoy this period of self-reflection and keep your focus. Nothing brings greater joy and satisfaction than knowing that your life is moving in the right direction. You have your work-life balance in check and all that is left is executing the plans you have laid out.

Gradually, you will begin to get wind of opportunities that you probably overlooked in the past or declined not knowing that you are/were capable of handling them.

Know your life purpose and work towards achieving it. Life is all about work-life balance; prioritizing and creating a balance between your work and your lifestyle. When you get the hang of it then you will definitely continue to appreciate life through the highs and the lows.

Sleep for a moment and reignite your drive to succeed.

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