TED Radio Hour: Solve For X

August 12, 2016

, trh_solve_for_x_artwork

Math intimidates a lot of us, but it can deliver surprising answers to life’s pressing questions. In this episode, TED speakers discuss the elegant simplicity, and giddy complexity, of solving for X.

1. Randall Munroe: Can Math Answer Absurd Questions?

2. Terry Moore: Why Do We Solve For “X”?

3. Clayton Cameron: What Are The Mathematics of Jazz?

4. Kevin Slavin: Should We Be Wary of Algorithms?

5. Randall Munroe: How Can Math Help You Imagine The Impossible?

6. Clayton Cameron: Why Is Three A Magic Number?

7. Hannah Fry: Can Math Help You Fall in Love?

8. Clayton Cameron: Can Math Make You A Better Musician?

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