TED Radio Hour: 7 Deadly Sins

August 2, 2016

, trh_deadly_sins

Sinful behavior is human, and nearly impossible to avoid. In this hour, TED speakers talk about the guilty pleasure of behaving badly and the challenge of confronting sin — and avoiding it.

1. Christopher Ryan: What Did Cavemen Think About Lust?

2. Mick Cornett: How Did An Obese City Lose A Million Pounds?

3. Dave Meslin: What’s The Antidote To Political Apathy?

4. Gary Slutkin: Why Should We Treat Violence Like A Contagious Disease?

5. Nick Hanauer: How Should We Distribute Our Wealth?

6. Parul Sehgal: How Does Envy Help Us Better Understand Ourselves?

7. Ken Jennings: What Does Losing To A Computer Tell Us About Pride?


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