Leave your ego at home #AskKirubi

, What’s your attitude towards others particularly those not as smart as you or in the same social class as you? Do you believe you can learn from them? Additionally, are you ready to take instructions from those younger than you, of the opposite gender or those brought in to work with you on certain projects?

Nothing is constant at the workplace. Your boss may bring in another employee or team to assist you in managing a project or particular responsibilities. However, this does not necessarily mean that you are not a high achiever or are not capable of handling the work load. It doesn’t call for competition. It only means that he/she believes that your work output will be much stronger together and wants the best from both of you.

Working with others is not easy and at the same time not difficult. If you have a know-it-all attitude, do not appreciate correction or only think you can learn from those smarter than you, then your learning opportunities will be very limited. You must learn to humble yourself if you want to keep learning and achieve success.

When I got an opportunity to go abroad and pursue further studies, I found myself in classroom where majority of the students were younger than me.  It may have taken me some time to adjust but it was important that I remain open minded for the sake of achieving my purpose. Learning from people’s experiences and sharing knowledge makes it worthwhile. Your area of weakness could be someone else’s area of strength. Working together in harmony will help you achieve more and hasten your learning process.

Generally, learn to be secure. Those with low self-esteem try to put others down to feel good about themselves. Don’t be one of them.

Be open minded. There is a lot to learn from others including your juniors at work, subordinate staff or someone in a lower social class than you. They may not be dressed in flashy designer wear or be well educated, but their experiences have made them wiser and you can learn a lot from them. All you have to do is give them the opportunity and let them feel good about themselves. Humility is not about you but what you do for others and how you make them feel. It’s about others experiencing ‘less’ of you.

The last thing the workplace needs is a competition of egos because that will get in the way of productivity. Work alongside those you are made to work with and when you are in a team, give everyone a chance even those less vocal to make a contribution

Seeking help doesn’t necessarily mean that you are weak. You just lack information about a particular subject or situation and would want clarity. You have nothing to lose but if you let your pride and a low self-esteem get in the way, you may as well have everything to lose.

We all have something to learn from each other. Don’t bring disgrace to your life because of pride. Embrace humility/ modesty, for it comes with wisdom.

CHRIS KIRUBI :Chris is a Kenyan industrialist and entrepreneur whose interests lie in insurance, media, manufacturing and more. His passion include empowering the youth in Africa.