Heritage Insurance unveils new enhancement campaign

June 3, 2016

, Heritage Managing Director

Nairobi, Kenya, 2nd May – Heritage Insurance Company limited has today unveiled a new consumer engagement campaign geared towards enhancing the company’s brand promise to its Kenyan and wider East African market.

This follows the recent expansion and penetration activities the company has been carrying out to increase strategic touch points with customers in all the major towns in the country.

This new customer centred approach necessitates a clear focus on the company’s achieved brand attributes in over 100 years of providing insurance solutions in the market. It also allows for an opportunity to re-embed the company’s overarching brand promise to the increasingly dynamic, value focused and diversified customer base.

Heritage Insurance’s #RE-Think Heritage campaign predominantly aims to acknowledge and build on the glowing reputation the brand has enjoyed over the years for product leadership in various categories including medical insurance an accolade that was reinstated during last year’s Think business awards where the insurer emerged among the highest rated medical underwriters in Kenya.

Speaking during the campaign roll-out Godfrey Kioi, Managing Director Heritage Insurance, intimated that the campaign is a beginning of an expected worthwhile interaction between the Heritage Brand and its customers.

‘’If all insurers chase the middle to higher income brackets the atmosphere to conduct business will continue to be hard and essentially unsustainable. Insurers should look more widely, consider non-traditional business sources like  farmers and entrepreneurs in the SMEs sector who are currently left out but actually generate a significant portion of the country’s GDP. We need to look for new customer-centric streams of business and revenue, traditional options alone cannot continue to support the sector,’’ said Kioi.

The campaign also seeks to drive awareness on various positive brand aspects gained over time including brands longevity and performance in the market; as well as its financial stability which heavily relates to the general ability to settle claims.

This was another a key milestone that saw the insurer feted with a global recognition for financial strength by Fitch international 2015. Other highlights include information on increased accessibility, the current branch network currently at 17 branches in the region with plans underway to increase outlets; as well as highlights on the brand products range and diversity informed by the deep understanding of the market and a commitment to provide product and services that speak to these needs and those of the region as a whole.

Measures towards effective use of available digital and mobile technology have also been deployed to enable even faster transactions over the EFT protocols as well as mobile money platforms.

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