Ask Kirubi: For Bosses Only


Do you have a purpose? Not self-purpose but a purpose for your role as a leader and for your team?

Most bosses are too caught up in their financial purposes that they do not realize that the social purpose is what leads to the earnings and profits (financial purpose). You want these type of workers but you are not willing to recruit, evaluate and reward differently.

My good friend Richard Branson once said, “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”

Most employees want a ‘work purpose’ that not only benefits them financially but also socially. They want to bring meaning to what they do and find a sense of fulfilment but sadly, most bosses overlook that.

Purpose is central to business success. However, how can we ensure that it remains this way?

Recruitment. When hiring talent within the organization it is important to look at the candidate’s purpose and drive to work in a particular role and in your company. While skills and qualifications are important, involve purpose in decision making. People tend to perform better and stay longer in an organization when they have a sense of belonging to their job and to the company.

Societal impact. What’s your end game? More often than not employees want to hear about the company’s or clients’ societal impact. Involve your employees in driving that cause(s) or in helping your clients do so. There is so much satisfaction in knowing that you are working for a good cause or making a change somewhere.

Reward. This means not only rewarding your employees when targets are met but also providing room for growth and innovation. When you leave your team to get creative and be innovative you are rewarding them indirectly. They feel they have a sense of ownership to the job and clients.

You want your employees to be loyal and to stay in your organization, give them a sense of belonging and purpose. Create an environment for them to reinvent themselves and remain relevant. They are part of your organization and will help you achieve your vision if you give them the opportunity to create a difference and contribute to the success of the organization.

Give your employees a purpose.

CHRIS KIRUBI :Chris is a Kenyan industrialist and entrepreneur whose interests lie in insurance, media, manufacturing and more. His passion include empowering the youth in Africa.