You can now send documents via WhatsApp

March 2, 2016

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WhatsApp Messenger, a cross-platform mobile messaging app, has introduced a new feature that allows some users to send and receive pdf documents. The latest Android and iOS version of the Facebook-owned app shows a ‘document’ feature in addition to images, voice, location, contact and videos.

The new feature, however can only work when the sender and the recipient have both updated their WhatsApp messenger to accommodate new changes.

Started in 2009, WhatsApp announced in February it had a billion users. To put that into context, nearly 1 in 7 people on earth now use the platform. However, the messenger app which was acquired in 2014 at a price of $22 billion by Facebook has faced numerous challenges including a 4 hour downtime that witnessed many users troop to the rival messenger app called Telegram.

Telegram was founded by brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov and launched in 2013. The app which now has over 60 Million Users seems to be warming up for a grueling duel with the giant Facebook, but has a long way to reach the 1B milestone.

In 2014 while speaking to TechCrunch, Durov said that the number one reason why he supported and helped launch Telegram was to build a means of communication that couldn’t be accessed by the Russian security agencies. Pundits have said that while WhatsApp became famous based on messaging, Telegram will be big based on security.

“Telegram is not intended to bring revenue; it will never sell ads or accept outside investment. It also cannot be sold,” the company states in blog.

Meanwhile, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has for the first time made it to the top 10 list of Forbes billionaires. Zuckerberg’s net worth of $44.6 billion sees him jump 10 places from last year to be the sixth richest individual in the world.

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