Telkom Kenya introduces new mobile number prefix

According to Telkom Kenya's Chief Corporate Communications Officer George Mlaghui, the move is in a bid to meet the telco's growing demand for mobile services/FILE

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Mar 17 – Telkom Kenya has introduced the 0776 mobile number prefix adding to its existing six sets of prefixes that include 0770, 0771 and 0772 among others.

According to Telkom Kenya’s Chief Corporate Communications Officer George Mlaghui, the move is in a bid to meet the telco’s growing demand for mobile services.

Its demand growth includes the addition of 400,000 new customers registered during its last financial quarter.

“The move is hence in anticipation for further subscriber growth for this financial year,” Mlaghui explained.

The move comes at a time when Communications Authority of Kenya has placed the number of mobile subscriptions in the country to 37.8 million, up from 36.1 million.

It also enters a market whose Internet market subscriptions moved upward to 21.6 million up from 19.9 million subscriptions recorded in the last quarter.

The most recent CA sector statistics indicated that mobile penetration reached 88.1 percent during the first quarter for the financial year 2015/2016. Pre-paid mobile subscriptions also grew to stand at 36.8 million subscribers from 35.1 million subscribers.

Telkom Kenya has been actively participating in a highly competitive industry with moves such as investing Sh1 billion which has lead to the expansion of its 3G network to more than 40 urban centres across the country.

The telco is also planning to consolidate voice and data usage across the country with mobile device offers for entry-level Internet-enabled phones following the successful entry of Kaduda at Sh999.

“We are optimistic of a subscriber spike owing to our continued customer-centric approach on valuable customer experience, Internet-enabled devices, mobile voice and data packages,” said Mlaghui.

Mlaghui further stated that Telkom’s mobile voice and data solution were the most competitive for both Telkom Kenya and cross network subscribers in the last quarter. He added that the new number range will further support uptake of these solutions.

MARGARET NJUGUNAH :I'm a business reporter based in Nairobi, Kenya. I'm passionate about feature stories on personal finance, development and technology.