PigiaMe’s new features open doors for entrepreneurs in Kenya

March 14, 2016

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PigiaMe.co.ke, one of Kenya’s leading quality classifieds websites, has recently revealed a fresh new look and introduced innovative features to boost visibility and ensure listings stand out on its platform.

The classifieds website has added a robust safety and quality checking system that has instilled confidence in users. The technology behind the verification system is backed by a dedicated team that reviews listings posted on the website. PigiaMe has also taken a hard stand against fraud to keep scammers away.

More sellers are now willing to take advantage of the new paid features to grow their sales further. In addition, entrepreneurs can now set up an online shop on PigiaMe by subscribing to the new Business Account, which enables them to showcase their Business in the best light, provide additional information and to build trust with potential customers.

To grow their business further, they can also upgrade each of their listings for only Sh400 and propel them at the top of search results to increase viewership and attract more buyers. These are only two examples of the many new services offered by PigiaMe to help sellers boost their business both online and offline with the PigiaMe magazine.

By building deeper ties with its sellers, PigiaMe also aims to further improve the safety of online shopping. In line with PigiaMe’s mission as Kenya’s Quality Classifieds, the new website features a Verified Seller badge for merchants advertising on the platform.

This feature cannot be bought, and it will only be earned by sellers after a successful and strict verification process to increase user safety. As the marketplace grows, this will help the business owners and their customers to continue interacting in a safe environment.

Long gone are the days business was done in a physical shop and the owners had a hard time getting
sellers for their items. Online platforms like PigiaMe provide a stepping stone for sellers to meet their buyers without having to move around at all.

From large corporations to students making and selling their own jewellery, PigiaMe provides the opportunity to target the right audiences, upload images of their brand and advertise their services.

Starting your own business can seem daunting, but in the digital age there are opportunities to do so without huge costs and risks.

Steve Jobs once said, “let’s go invent tomorrow instead of worrying about what happened yesterday”.



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