Ask Kirubi: No job is too little

March 4, 2016

, “No job or opportunity is too ‘little’ or ‘low’ for you to do and be successful. It’s all in the mind.”

I once said this owing to the fact that many young people do not want to start from the bottom of the food chain. It is sad when graduates would rather stay jobless than accept an offer that has a small allowance or no pay at all. I am not advocating that you should work for free but I need you to understand that starting out as a volunteer, intern, reliever etc., could get you a job in the same company. What you do with that opportunity is what matters.


It takes time to improve your skills, build your image and the experience you need to climb higher. Starting small humbles you and makes you appreciate the opportunity you have. This pushes you to work hard and aim for that which you want to achieve. You need to have a plan and see how that opportunity can make you successful.

The so called ‘odd’ or subordinate jobs are jobs like any other. People are trained and as they continue to carry out their duties, they enhance their skills the same way you do each day behind that desktop. You should not look down on anyone because of their job or pay grade. You never know where they will end up or when the tables will turn.

Many of my employees began as interns who did not earn a single shilling at that time. Some even did ‘odd’ jobs just to earn a penny but that did not deter them. As we speak, most are now senior employees in various companies.

Even when you do not have the necessary education qualifications, you can invest your time in gaining as much experience as possible and build an outstanding portfolio. You do not have to do odd jobs. Get your feet wet by looking around for opportunities that will make you succeed.

It does not matter if you are a hustler, CEO or whatever your pay grade is. Your level of passion, determination and hard work is what will push you to succeed. While you shouldn’t let ‘the paper’ limit your success, you shouldn’t let the type of job limit your success.

Work with pride knowing that what you do today will determine what will happen tomorrow.

No job is too little. Start from somewhere and grow to the top. If you are that good then the type of job will not limit your potential. Success will be so eminent that people will recognize you.

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