Juliana Rotich: Find a solution to a problem and perfect your art #TheScoop

March 24, 2016

, Juliana Rotich

Juliana Rotich is Executive Director of Ushahidi Inc and responsible for the overall management of Ushahidi, partnerships and support of the Ushahidi team. She has worked in the telecommunications industry for over ten years and has extensive experience in Data Warehousing.

Juliana is a TED Senior Fellow, an MIT Media Lab Director’s Fellow and is Chair for the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Data Driven Development.

In the interview below, Juliana talks about some of her experiences that have shaped her approach to issues and challenges. Her aversion to mediocrity stems from her dad, who instilled in her the value of perfecting skills. Juliana also talks about her career in telecomms, co-f0unding Ushahidi and what’s next in her illustrious career.

She is recognized by Fortune Magazine as 2014 50 Global Leaders and as the Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 by The World Economic Forum. She is sought after internationally as an expert and commentator on Africa, Technology, innovation, mobile technology, open source, data ecosystems, crowd-sourcing and participatory systems.

Her mission in life is to make things, fix problems and help others. Wherever technology can help to do these three things, she is happiest figuring out that intersection. She is fascinated by technology ecosystems globally.

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