Luxury Real Estate – Penthouses, Beach Houses & Mansions #PropertyInsights

February 11, 2016

, When you think of owning the ultimate piece of luxury real estate,three kinds of homes come into mind – a penthouse, a beach house or a mansion. But which is best? All sound enticing and serve their purpose as high end living spaces. Anybody would be lucky enough to have one of these but if you had a choice, which one?


Gorgeous Mansion


The Penthouse
A penthouse is a luxury apartment usually found on the top floor of an apartment building. These kind of properties are usually found in crowded, urban cities where there is no space for luxury homes on separate plots, so they are built at the top of residential buildings. These types of homes are designed to overlook the beautiful city around them. A penthouse might not be as private as other property types but comes with an amazing view and sometimes benefits such as lobby services or helipads. For what you’re getting, it does come with a heavy price tag.

Penthouse with Stunning Views
Penthouse with Stunning Views


The Beach House
This could be the most relaxing and desired out of the three options.Beach houses are usually near the beach and are usually used as a vacation or second homes. These types of homes are designed to overlook the beautiful view of the ocean and the beach, giving residents access to the beach a skip away. Beach houses usually come on their own separate property and range from luxury standard and size.This also means that they could come really cheap or really expensive – You get what you pay for. If you are looking for the ultimate get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, this could be the home for you.

The Mansion
The most common and convenient type of property of the three. Depending on location and architectural design, your home could be anything but ordinary.This kind of space offers very large living space and privacy.They are usually found in the high end areas and have great value!Depending on size, the mansion will cost a pretty penny,but executed properly yours could be the house to emulate.

There is a world of options available to you, and your choices and most times your pocket will determine what luxury piece of real estate you will own.

Beach House
Beach House

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