Recruiting CEO’s in Kenya: What to look out for

January 18, 2016
Joshua Oigara, KCB CEO /File
Joshua Oigara, KCB CEO /File

, Kenyan senior executives skills are at par with their international counterparts. This is according to an executive recruitment firm that has set up shop in East Africa. The demand for experienced executives in Kenya, and in the region, has been rising over the past few years as local companies expand and multinationals set up office.

Boyden East Africa Managing Partner Farah Samanani says there is very little difference between a CEO of a top company in Kenya and a CEO in Europe, for example.

“The main difference, however, is leadership and experience in emerging markets…you need to have someone who can quickly change gears with the information that is available,” says Samanani.

With the benefit of interacting with diasporans seeking opportunities back home, Samanani says there are a lot of professionals abroad who want to come back to Kenya and shares their top concerns including career growth and compensation.

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