Flame Tree Group to acquire SuzieBeauty brands

January 25, 2016
flame tree suzie beauty
Flame Tree Group CEO Heril Bangera and Founder of SuzieBeauty Suzie Wokabi. Flame Tree Group has signed an agreement to acquire SuzieBeauty line of color cosmetics brand, subject to approval from the Competition Authority.

, Flame Tree Group has signed an agreement to acquire SuzieBeauty line of colour cosmetics brand. The acquisition of SuzieBeauty, diversifies FTG’s products and positions the group as a key player in the niche colour cosmetics prestige segment.

SuzieBeauty is one of the acquisitions Flame Tree Group has brought under its stable after the group acquired Chirag Kenya in 2015. Chirag Kenya, owners of Natures Own brand, is the manufacturer of spices, potato crisps, biscuits and nuts.

Suzie Wokabi the founder of SuzieBeauty will join Flame Tree Group as the Chief Creative Officer for the prestigious cosmetic segment.

“We are delighted to add the SuzieBeauty colour cosmetics brand to be part of our premier colour cosmetics portfolio. SuzieBeauty enjoys an outstanding reputation within its category and incredible awareness among beauty professionals and consumers alike. It has a loyal following that gives it excellent potential for expansion. It will wonderfully complement our brands in the cosmetic category. We look forward to working with Suzie and her team to continue growing the brand,” said Flame Tree Group CEO Heril Bangera.

Flame Tree Group has been realigning and refocusing its product portfolio for its cosmetics category for both skin care and hair care. It recently acquired four brands from Beauty Plus Trading East Africa as it seeks to tap into the growing popularity of local cosmetics care brands within the mass-market.

“We’ve always looked for opportunities to reach more people with our unique proposition on beauty, working with Flame Tree Group, we can broaden our reach and significantly grow our brand while remaining faithful to the founding principles of SuzieBeauty. There is a very bright path ahead and I am excited to work with Flame Tree Group to share our products with more Kenyans,” Suzie Wokabi founder of SuzieBeauty says.

Flame Tree Group and SuzieBeauty have not disclosed how the deal is structured or the cost of acquisition but Bangera said the acquisation is subject to approval by the Competition Authority.

SuzieBeauty brands are sold in locations that have beauty care professionals who can provide advice on how to address cosmetic colours and products  that are best suited to the individual skin types and other skin conditions that SuzieBeauty are designed to tackle.

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