Public divided over Raila Eurobond claims

January 15, 2016


There were those who however felt that Odinga's list of names was inaccurate and should therefore not be trusted/FILE
There were those who however felt that Odinga’s list of names was inaccurate and should therefore not be trusted/FILE
NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 15 – The list released by opposition leader Raila Odinga naming ‘persons of interest’ over ‘lost’ Eurobond billions has elicited mixed feelings among Kenyans.

Some of those who spoke to Capital FM said that they believe Odinga proposed that those mentioned should be investigated.

They include Reagan Munya who said Odinga’s allegations were truthful from the first day. “Raila has been open about the theft of Eurobond money since the scandal began. He also backed his statements with legitimate statements,” he said.

Munya also said that the people named should be investigated as Odinga would not take to a national platform and call out people’s names without proper knowledge on the issue.

Others who shared Munya’s sentiments include Maxwell Okoth who on his part urged the government to conduct proper investigations into the activities of those named after the Eurobond money was first reported to be missing; and Gladys Mueni who said those named should step down and be investigated.

“The Eurobond money could have helped the country a lot. Those implicated in its loss should therefore step down and be investigated,” she said.

There were those who however felt that Odinga’s list of names was inaccurate and should therefore not be trusted.

“I do not believe Raila. Neither do I believe his list of names. First of all, the details he gave were very little and were not convincing. Second, Raila has been politicizing the whole issue since the first day,” said Joshua Kimani, a Nairobi resident.

Kimani also said that implicating the Chairman of the Central Bank of Kenya were unfair.

“At this point, I do not believe Raila because he had been given an opportunity to come clean with the information he had but failed to do so out of pride,” another Kenyan, said Fatuma Ali.

These responses come when National Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich, who is on the list alongside other officials in his ministry including Principal Secretary Kamau Thugge, termed the release of the names as an act of economic sabotage.

“Despite the ongoing processes, Honourable Raila Odinga has persistently been making allegations that the proceeds of the Eurobond were stolen or unaccounted for. However, when he was asked to provide any evidence which could assist the Investigative Arms of Government, he has failed consistently,” Rotich said.

The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) also released a statement following the release of names, which included its Chairman Nyaoga, saying that it acted in the matter according to its mandate as banker to the Government.

“CBK staff have also cooperated fully at all stages of the recent investigation on the Eurobond funds. As banker to the government, CBK has provided all evidence requested by the investigating agencies on the receipts and disbursement of these funds. The allegations that CBK officials were involved in any misappropriation of these funds have no basis and is erroneous.”


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