Eurobond propaganda seeks to scare away investors – Ruto

December 6, 2015


Ruto said allegations by Opposition leaders that the proceeds of the Eurobond were misused is aimed at violating future engagements with foreign institutions/DPPS
Ruto said allegations by Opposition leaders that the proceeds of the Eurobond were misused is aimed at violating future engagements with foreign institutions/DPPS
GARISSA, Kenya, Dec 6 – The Opposition is politicising the fight against corruption in order to sabotage the country’s economy by scaring away investors, Deputy President William Ruto has said.

Ruto said allegations by Opposition leaders that the proceeds of the Eurobond were misused is aimed at violating future engagements with foreign institutions that subscribed to the previous Eurobond funds.

“What they (Opposition leaders) are doing is just to sabotage the economy by scaring away investors but we want to tell them that they will not succeed,” said Ruto.

Addressing the public at Garissa stadium after a tour of Garissa University College, the Deputy President said all documents relating to the Eurobond proceeds were readily available.

He told those questioning how the funds were used to familiarise themselves with the documents, which he added were available, both in soft and hard copies.

“We told these leaders to go to the Treasury to get the information they had asked about Eurobond but they chose to go to funerals and press conferences,” said Ruto.

The Deputy President noted that some leaders believed in the philosophy of impoverishing people in order to lead them.

“We have lots of poverty in this country and those who believe that people should be poor in order for them to manipulate as they seek leadership. That is tragic,” said Ruto.

More than 50 MPs led by National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale told off the Opposition leaders accusing them of seeking cheap publicity on the Eurobond issue.

“The Opposition leaders are not sincere in what they are pursuing. They just want to sabotage the economy of this country,” said Duale.

Duale said the aim of the government to participate in the Eurobond issue was to ensure the local interest rates were reduced noting that Jubilee could not engage on matters, which were not beneficial to its people.

He particularly took issue with the manner in which the Coalition of Reforms and Democracy leader Raila Odinga was engaging in propaganda about the Eurobond proceeds in the pretext that he would gain political mileage.

“If the former Prime Minister thinks that Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich has to look for him to explain to him how the Eurobond proceeds were used, then he is misled,” said Duale.

He added: “Mr Odinga should know that he is just like any other common mwananchi outside there.”

He told Opposition leaders to present any evidence of alleged misuse of the Eurobond proceeds to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) instead of spreading lies about the issue.

“In the next 10 days, Kenyans will know who between the Opposition and the government is telling them the truth,” said Duale.

Beatrice Elachi (nominated) and Ferdinand Waititu (Kabete) wondered why the Opposition was engaging in smear campaigns aimed at sabotaging the country’s economy.

“The issue of economy touches on the lives of all Kenyans and leaders must be careful in their speeches so as not utter words that can sabotage it (economy),” said Waititu.

Elachi said the former Prime Minister should first explain to Kenyans how funds allocated to the then Kazi Kwa Vijana programme were used instead of coming up with wild accusations against the government.

“Leaders should be responsible for their utterances. As Jubilee we accept genuine criticism but people should not criticize others just for the sake of it,” said Elachi.

The MPs said they were optimistic that the cases facing Ruto and journalist Joshua Sang would soon be terminated arguing that the cases were politically motivated.

“ICC should come to terms to the fact that Ruto and Sang are innocent people. Does it mean they were responsible for violence, which broke out spontaneously across the country? No way,” said Kimani Ngunjiri (Bahati).

Governors Nathif Jama (Garissa), Godana Doyo (Isiolo) and Ali Roba (Mandera) criticised those opposing the harambee spirit.

The leaders vowed to continue participating in harambees as one way of helping the unfortunate members of the society.

“I must sincerely thank the Deputy President for his generosity and may God continue to bless him. Most of people from pastoral communities are where they are today because of the harambee spirit,” said Jama.

They urged the Deputy President to continue participating in harambees despite opposition from a section of leaders who were not concerned with the plight of the poor.

“It is more blessed to give than to receive,” said Governor Roba.

The Deputy President asked leaders to engage in politics of development aimed at uniting the country.

“It is time as leaders we discourage politics of division for our selfish gains. We will not gain when we divide our people on ethnic or religious grounds,” said Ruto.


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