Online payment provider unveils Africa-wide mobile money service

November 25, 2015


3G Direct Pay has launched a new platform that enables cross border payments across different mobile networks.

The new service is available to mobile phone subscribers in over five African countries, who can now pay and be paid across different mobile carriers. The platform will support numerous Mobile Money Wallets including – M-Pesa, Airtel Money, Tigo Pesa, Vodacom, and MTN.

Merchants, working with 3G Direct Pay, will be able to conveniently accept payments in real time and will be able to use all cards, bank transfer and paypal from the same single connection.

“We have seen an increased desire for people to be able to safely pay to merchants via mobile money accounts across networks and borders,” said Eran Feinstein, Managing Director, 3G Direct Pay Limited.

“This form of payment has gained particular popularity due to its convenience, security and competitive pricing. 3G Direct Pay is focused on being Africa’s leading digital platform for online payments. We believe in innovation and excellence by providing solutions that are easy, fast, secure and simple to use,” he added.

Mr Feinstein further commented that the mobile money wallet service complements recent upgrades to the online payments page and the Mobile Payments App – mSwipe.

The mSwipe mobile payment app provides clients the option to charge their customer anywhere and anytime.  It is an easy, fast and secure system providing the end customer with the freedom to use any card type, Mobile Money wallets and any currency to pay instantly.

In addition, the new payment page allows clients end customers to pay for the tickets, hotels and travel booking in two simple steps.  It has a simple flow and responsive design that allows the customer to pay from any device they are using e.g desktop, laptop, tablets, mobile phones, and more.

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