Kenya, Mozambique in joint investment push

November 12, 2015
Mozambique - Kenya Investment Company MD Florence Amimu receives a certificate from ambassador Daniel Antonio
Mozambique – Kenya Investment Company MD Florence Amimu receives a certificate from ambassador Daniel Antonio

, NAIROBI, Kenya Nov 12 – Kenya and Mozambique have kicked off a new economic initiative aimed at improving relations between the two countries even further.

The initiative was launched in Nairobi and Mozambique during celebrations to mark the country’s 40 years of self rule.

The launch gave birth to what is now known as the Mozambique-Kenya Investment Company which will explore opportunities existing in both countries. The initiative is headed by Florence Amimu.

Mozambique’s economic growth has improved steadily over the years, making it one of the fastest growing in the world.

It has, over time, grown foreign investments, while tremendously improving its infrastructure to meet the desired standards.

“These investments are taking place in a very conducive and appropriate climate and encouraged by Government,” Mozambique ambassador to Kenya Antonio’ Daniel said, adding “The government policy attaches priority to the mobilization and more foreign investment as well as reinforcement of the economic-business cooperation. The cooperation with Kenya for instance in this domain has been crystallized both at government level and Business level.”

He has encouraged Kenya’s business community to consider exploring investment opportunities in Mozambique, following a visit there last year by the Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM).

“We encourage these public-private initiatives. We are convinced that this is an important contribution to combat poverty Ignorance and disease for the welfare of Mozambicans. We therefore look for this initiative as a welcome one. It is a starting point many more will follow,” the envoy said.

He said Mozambique has business opportunities in key sectors such as tourism, agriculture, mining, construction and food processing.

Amimu who heads the business initiative said it will act as a link for business people looking for business opportunities in the two countries.

“We do this through consultancy, trade fairs, meet and greets, guidance on potential business to invest in either country, providing information to investors on the business climate, operating rules, legal advice ,investment opportunities and sources of capital as well as facilitation and promotion of business through trainings and exhibitions,” she said.

She said traders are also encouraged to explore opportunities in Trade and Expos, cultural exchange: exchange programs, Linkages and exploring new emerging business opportunities in both Mozambique and Kenya.

“We are dedicated to helping our clients do business in either country effortlessly and to ensure they can overcome all the legal and territorial hurdles that come with venturing into a new market by providing business information and research,” she said.

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