Compfix Data re-launches cloud backup service

November 16, 2015

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Compfix Data Limited, a local data management firm, has reintroduced its cloud based backup solution. DataBank is a subscription-based solution for organizations that value their data. Organizations will subscribe for the space they need depending on the size of data they have and wish to backup.

With the rampant cases of permanent data loss and data recovery, Compfix has re-launched DataBank to address the data loss menace that significantly affects organization’s day to day operations.

In Kenya, over 45 terabytes of data is lost every year leading to financial and downtime losses to the economy.

David Njoroge of Compfix Data explains that a company that suffers an outage of 10 days or more due to loss of crucial data can never fully recover financially and 50 percent of such companies go out of business completely.

He says most of the data loss companies experience are due to human error or hardware problems and not natural disasters as most people presume.

“This means that data loss can be prevented and that is where a company such as DataBank comes into play. Once you subscribe, your computing environment will be installed with client software that takes charge of scanning through your files and folders for changes, compress and encrypt any new or changed data,” said Njoroge.

DataBank’s in-built data verification ensures you have the most up-to-date and restorable data as it keeps checking the integrity of the backed up data as you continue using it. This feature is missing in the other cloud back up service providers in the market.

DataBank embraces security and uses advanced encryption mechanism that ensures the backed up data is well protected. It runs in the background automatically so you do not have to spend your valuable time doing it manually.

The service regularly scans through the protected data to find any changes before updating the backup copy on the cloud. This means that you are free to focus on the other matters of your business and leave the backing up process to DataBank.

Even though DataBank doesn’t have real time backups, it has less schedule times for almost similar results.

Since the data is hosted locally, and only changes are captured when backing up, DataBank tends to be very fast when backing up and restoring data. Shortening the recovery time can be very valuable to any business and this is what separates DataBank from other service providers.

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