Agency launches new podcast for East African entrepreneurs

October 14, 2015

, Business Unusual

The Kenya extension of the Sao Paulo, Brazil-based creative agency, Let_it_grow, is venturing into new unchartered territory in the East African market, collaborating with Nairobi-based creatives, social entrepreneurs and new business venture capitalists to start conversations around how business works in East Africa.

Business Unusual podcast will feature entrepreneurs who will share their unique perspectives on business while talking about their journey to success. The conversation will revolve around fundraising for start-ups, business management, investment opportunities, thoughts for success and much more.

The aim is to provide entrepreneurial knowledge to inspire the business community and increase the number and success of entrepreneurs in the region.

The first season will consist of 12 episodes covering a full spectrum of guests from a variety of industries including, but not limited to, the food industry, music business, social enterprise and media.

Julio De Souza, the podcast host, has established a significant reputation for consistently fostering and nurturing innovative and efficient business solutions to successfully launch over four start-ups in Kenya over the last 10 years.

“I am looking forward to establishing an engaging platform for entrepreneurs and investors to interact in a casual environment where discussions can take any form, as business unusual unfolds and a new chapter starts for Let it grow and the business community in East Africa,” says De Souza

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