TED Radio Hour: The next greatest generation?

September 7, 2015

, The MillennialsWhether you call them Millennials, Generation Y, or the Me Generation, one thing’s for certain: this generation of young people will change the world. But how different is this hyper-connected generation from its predecessors? And what will be its legacy? In this hour, we hear from TED speakers searching to define themselves and their generation.

1. Neil Howe: Is It Ok To Use The M-Word?

2. Natalie Warne: How Can Young People Make An Impact?

3. Meg Jay: Is 30 Really The New 20?

4. Charlie Hoehn: Is There A Better Way To Find Work?

5. Kevin Allocca: What Does YouTube Tell Us About Millennials?

6. Tavi Gevinson: What Does It Mean To Be A Teenage Feminist Today?


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