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Be smart! compare health quotes at Insureafrika

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First, lets agree on what smart is. Smart is that feeling you get when you buy a car at 10% off the marked price, knowing full well that other buyers are paying the full price for the car. In other words, smart in our economy is about getting the biggest bang for your bucks. Now that we agree on what smart means, let us apply it to buying health insurance in Kenya.

If you already have a health insurance cover, then either your company bought it for you, or you went through the excruciating process of “googling”, calling up agents, asking friends for advice, and maybe even talking to that uncle you dread, because he worked for a health insurance company at some point. Now, we don’t want you to feel bad or anything, but we no longer consider that method, the smart approach to buying insurance. Bear with us just a bit.

You see, at insureafrika, we have spent a gazillion hours working on this impressive form that makes getting health insurance quotes a very straightforward process. It only requires you to fill in your details, and the type of cover you are looking for, and then in no time, we give you a list of quotes from various health insurance companies in Kenya. How’s that for smart?

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Why you must use our free online health insurance quotes service

We can think of three key reasons why you need to use our free online health insurance quote service.

First, it will save you time. Filling the form only takes a faction of the time you spend writing an email to an insurance agent and it makes it possible for you to get multiple quotes in an instant. If your time is important to you and you want to get the best quotes fast, then use our online form any time, any day.

Secondly, it will save you money! Why buy a car for a million bob when you can get the exact same model at 10% less? That’s what we make possible for you when you use our form. You will be able to see what you buying and how everyone in the market is selling it.

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Thirdly, it’s the smart way to buy insurance! Lets pretend that time isn’t that much of an issue for you and money is no object when you are buying something as important as health insurance. Would you still have a reason to use our form? Our answer (of course) is yes! We can’t think of a smarter way for you to do it! Our site will give you the mall experience when shopping for health insurance and it will give you all the options you need to see when you are choosing a cover. Even if you are not interested in making saving on your medical insurance cover, and you don’t mind spending time getting it, then use our form because it’s the smartest way to get this job done. If you get this, you are definitely smart!


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