Leading agriculture firm marching to Kenya market

September 9, 2015


Maize, as source of the staple food for Kenyan people, is mostly ground for sifted and unsifted maize meal or other products like maize grits and by products bran and germ.

Professional and experienced in this field, Beyase offers consumer full solutions to start a real complete milling plant that is easy to operate with accessible life-long service. No matter how small or big kgs you need to pack into, say 1kg, 2kgs or big 90kgs, you will realize them with the machine available.

With improvement of people’s daily life, the voice for better milling and nicer tasting keeps rising, Beyase embraces the innovation and adopts the latest technology and configuration, to guarantee the customers’ merited rights enjoying the comfort and convenience of the machinery.

You are always welcome to pick up you phone to make a call or send an email. Besides, Beyase’s end users and agents are from many countries, which makes it possible for you to see the machine on site nearby and talk to the agents or end users for further communication. wheat flour mill from beyase visit readmore wwww.beyase.org

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