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The joys of travelling can be cut short when bad things happen. Travel insurance is the answer to having peace of mind during your trip to address risks that may occur while you are abroad. It helps to know that travel insurance policies offer coverage from a broad range of risks such as these listed below.

Loss of passport


The loss of a passport can be very inconvenient while you are travelling because it is usually the only form of acceptable identification for a foreigner. A travel insurance cover provides compensation for costs of getting alternative travel documents to enable you to achieve your travel objectives.

Flight Cancellation

When a flight is cancelled, it is possible that the losses you incur go beyond the airplane ticket price. At time it may mean not making it for a paid event (such as a conference), of coming into business liability by not making it to a meeting. Buying travel insurance can shield you from these risks

Flight delay

Flight delays can also have the same effects as cancelled flight. In this case, you may still make it to your destination but arrive too late, leading to the accruing of a liability. Travel insurance agencies in Kenya can help you get a cover to shield you from the resulting liability.

Lost luggage

As a traveler, your luggage may as well be your only earthly possessions. Many times, a traveler’s luggage contains valuable items intended for use at the destination. Buying travel insurance can help protect you from the liabilities that would arise if you lost your precious cargo.

Personal Liability

When life happens, you may find yourself in a liability situation in foreign soil accidentally or through no intent of your own. If for instance you accidentally damage someone’s property, your travel insurance cover can help offset the liability.


It hardly needs to be said, but money too can get lost while you travel, and it often does. When travelling, many people tend to carry more money than when they are in their own country. Therefore, losing cash while travelling will affect you more than then you are at home. This risk can be covered by travel insurance policies.

Medical and Emergency Expenses

Apparently, it is very easy to fall ill while you are on a foreign trip, especially because of environmental changes. For instance, someone travelling to Africa for the first time can very easily contract one of the myriad tropical diseases during the trip. A travel and medical cover can help to be prepared to handle this risk

Hospital allowance

In the event that you are hospitalized while on a foreign trip, a travel insurance cover can help to take care of your bills. It helps to check whether your current health insurance plan is valid outside of your resident country because in that case, you do not need to pay for the health component of travel insurance.

Personal Accident

If you plan to drive, ride, or carry out other high-risk activities while abroad, ensure you have a travel insurance cover to take care of any liabilities arising from personal accidents. Even without plans for these activities, accidents still happen, right? That said explore the policy to see which activities are excluded from the personal accident cover.

Death Overseas

Finally, if the ultimate happens, a travel insurance policy can make it easy for your loved ones to get your remains back to give you a decent send-off. Travel insurance plans can include a benefit to bring back mortal remains to your native country.

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