Respect The Hustle: The dreadlocks empire Kumari is building

August 25, 2015

, Kumari

NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 25 – While growing up, Steve Kumari’s dream was to invent something of his own and later build an empire, and for sure, this is coming to pass.

He is now renowned for specialising in dreadlocks care but also encouraging Kenyans and Africans on the continent, to appreciate and grow kinky hair but in style.

Before he started The Roots Salon, over 10 years ago, Kumari had been employed as a hair stylist in Nairobi for five years purely focusing on natural African hair.

Having been born among 13 siblings in Maua, Meru County, it was hard for Kumari to get the best education any child would wish for. This pushed him to leave the village after his A levels and come to seek greener pastures in Nairobi.

Things were not easy and he was forced to start life in Kibera slums and work as cleaner in a salon where he later learned his hairdressing skills.

In our fourth episode of Respect The Hustle, we look at how Steve Kumari has not only become a millionaire but also change the perception about dreadlocks in our society.

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