Review: Epson Projector – sharp images and mobility

August 14, 2015

, Epson

Gone are the days when projectors were fixed office assets – immovable, bulky and a necessary inconvenience. Epson has managed to push the boundaries of projector specs as well as significantly reducing the size and weight of conventional projectors.

Epson has designed and built the EB-1776W projector on the mobility and seamless-life philosophy that has defined how we work and play. With millions of people always on the go – whether at work or school – the 1776W is that perfect accompaniment for your laptop or other mobile devices, if you need to show presentations or watch a movie.

Weighing at only 1.7Kgs and 44mm thick, the projector easily fits in its laptop-like bag, including its cables and accessories. If you have a backpack, you can fit your laptop and the 1776W and you are off to your meeting.

At the meeting, you will impress the client or partners when you whip out the projector which can connect to your laptop or phone via the high-speed Wi-Fi functionality. Additionally, you can share the projector with colleagues who have the option of connecting via 3 in 1 USB display (compatible with Macbooks), USB plug, VGA or HDMI.

With the Epson EB-1776W, you don’t have to keep adjusting the projector to fit the projector screen. It automatically adjusts the projected area to perfectly fit the screen or a wall, if there a screen is not available. Pressing the screen fit button automatically resizes the image to fit in the screen.


The only thing you have to adjust is the front-side height to give the 1776W the ideal vertical height using a built-in foot. The projector also comes with a screw slot allowing you to use a tripod and a remote control to make any major adjustments from a distance.

Once it powers, in less than 5 seconds, you don’t have to close the doors or close the window blinds to make the room dark enough for the projector. The 3000 Lumen lamp (your average projector has 2000 Lumens), displays projected sharp and crisp images, even with the lights on.

The WXGA resolution will allow you to go wide screen, good for spreadsheets. You can also move the projector at the back of the room (10 metres) or very close to the screen (1.05M) and the picture quality will remain the same. The 3000 Lumen lamp comes at the cost of a heavier fan to cool the projector which might make the room warmer than needed.

Later, you can you take the 1776W home for the weekend, plug it to your home theatre and enjoy movies with the clarity of your home TV, only several times bigger. Just remember to switch to movie mode from text or multimedia ideal for presentations. The downside is that the 1776W doesn’t come with an audio out which means you will have to use the 3.5mm audio line-in or a 1W on-board speaker, which is not ideal.

The EB-1776w is retailing at Sh125,000 inclusive of VAT. It is available at major retail IT outlets including Officemart Ltd, Bright technologies, Innovative computers ltd, Avenue electronics, Wincomp services ltd, Text Book Centre Ltd among others.


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