Respect The Hustle: From repairing electronics to restoring old cars

August 7, 2015

, Most of old and unused vehicles end up being used as scrap metal. But Richard Kisulani has found this an opportunity and his daily job is to now restore these old cars and bring them back to life.


What he does is when you bring that 1950 or 1960s Volkswagen beetle, he will not repair it but will instead remove the interior and remain with the shell and start ‘manufacturing’ the vehicle again. All you need is Sh200,000 to over Sh1 million.

Nevertheless, Kisulani is keen to keep the originality of the car, especially the engine if not damaged and of course return your number plate that will easily depicts car’s age.

When I visited his small Garage in Kaloleni Area, Eastland parts of Nairobi, I am eager to know how many engineering degrees he has, considering the kind of work he does. But Kisulani has just a form four certificate from Ofafa Jericho High School.

However, the metal work skills he learnt in high school as one of the technical subjects is all he has.

In our third episode of Respect The Hustle, Kisulani explains how despite missing his dream to become a pilot due to lack of finances almost ten years ago, found new and unique passion in 2012 that does not only give him good money but a lot of joy and confidence of a stable career.

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