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A short trip abroad may become a nightmare if you leave without travel insurance. Too many things can go wrong. Therefore, having a travel insurance policy can go a long way into making your stay away from Kenya enjoyable. However, the process of getting a good policy for your travel insurance usually starts with picking the best provider you can find. With the following tips, we believe you will be able to get a good insurance agency quickly enough to handle your travel insurance needs

1. Check online Reviews


The first place to start is checking online review sites for the online reputation of various travel insurance agencies and companies in Kenya. Currently, if an insurance company lacks online presence (whether positive or negative), then the company is not doing something right. When checking reviews, be careful to note that people who have bad experience are a lot more likely to review a company than those who have a good one. The satisfied majority is usually a silent majority. That notwithstanding if you see consistent complaints against a travel insurance company or a travel insurance agency on issues you feel strongly about, then maybe you should avoid that company, and find another whose faults you can live with.

2. Ask for Testimonials

If you have friends or colleagues who have recently taken out travel insurance policies, talk to them to find out what their experience was with the companies they used. A personal testimonial is one of the strongest ways of getting a near real experience when it comes to accessing services. You could also ask for testimonials on social media and let your friends tell you about their experiences.

3. Compare Rates

While we insist that price alone is not a good indicator of the quality of a policy, we also believe that you should not have to pay more for a service if you can get a better deal down the street. Our free online travel insurance quote form can do the heavy lifting for you. The form, once filled, will give you a ranked list of quotes from insurance companies in Kenya, based on your needs. The system will save you time and money.

4. Compare their Policy Plans

Next to rates, compare the actual policies against each other. Examine the actual risks covered and do not forget to look at travel insurance exclusions. At the same time, see what exclusions and limits the company has set for each benefit in their policy. The benefits are the actual products you are buying and they should give you a good sense of the whether the policy meets your needs

5. Test their customer service model

Once you have picked a potential travel insurance agency in Kenya to handle your business, go ahead, and check their customer service habits. Send an email with a general inquiry and see how helpful the responses are. Try making a call and see how quickly you are able to get help. Check their website and see whether the claim forms are available and whether the download links actually work. These tests will give you a glimpse of how you will be treated if you make a claim. If you like the experience, go ahead and buy.

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