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Buying travel insurance is generally a smart thing to do when making plans to visit another country. Many things can go wrong when you are in foreign soil, and therefore it makes sense to be prepared for any eventualities. Travel insurance was designed to give you peace of mind when you travel, and can help you to relax and enjoy your trip. Here is insureafrika’s compilation of things you need to know when buying travel insurance especially for the first time.

1. You buy Travel insurance per trip


While most insurance policies last for a full year or more, travel insurance generally last the length of your trip. The reason is simple. People do not usually spend most of their time travelling unless their work demands it. If you plan to be travelling frequently, you will need to buy travel insurance for every trip you take. Some local insurance companies have developed travel insurance products targeting people who travel regularly, and they can now buy annual travel insurance policies. The policies are usually only in effect when the policyholders actually travel.

2. Travel insurance insures you and your luggage

Most travel insurance policies will have benefits associated with you as a person and those associated with your baggage. For instance, many travel insurance packages give you the option of a health and personal accident cover while you are on a trip. At the same time, the cover protects you against liabilities that arise from events such as loss of luggage, loss of travel documents, cancelled flights and cancelled bookings, among others.

3. It is possible to compare Travel Insurance Quotes

With insureafrika, it is now possible to compare travel insurance quotations from different travel insurance companies in Kenya providers in Kenya. Insureafrika runs a free online quoting service that will help you to get the best rates for your travel insurance cover. Our platform allows you not only to compare quotes, but actually ranks them based on price, to help you see which deal is best for your needs.

4. Travel Insurance Policies are many and are varied

The types and components of travel insurance are very many, and hence the policies are varied. This means that the policies offered by any two companies are likely very different once you look at the details. Travel insurance policies are designed to fit the needs of individual customers hence there is no “on size fits all”. Companies may have certain flagship policies, but eventually, they all customize these policies to fit the needs of their individual clients

5. The best travel insurance policy is one that fits your needs

The best travel insurance policy is one that meets your needs. You are under no obligation to buy a policy through your travel agent if you are almost sure you will not need one. For instance, if you are traveling light, what is the point in getting insurance for your luggage? Another case is if you already have some insurance to take care of emergencies, such as an international health insurance cover. If your current health insurance already covers that, then you are under no obligation to buy extra insurance.

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